Plywood Manufacturing Process At Hunsply

Manufacturing high quality plywood demands proper care and attention at every stage of the process. All stages complement each other and the quality with which plywood is treated in each stage is duplicated in all the other stages.


Sourcing Raw Logs

All the raw logs used in our plywood are sourced from plantations grown by farmers from the Mysore district as well as estates of Coorg and Chickmangalur. Once trees reach an acceptable level of maturity, they are felled by trained harvesters. These logs are then transported from the plantations to the mill to be processed.



On arrival at the mill, logs are stored in the log yard. Logs will then eventually make their way to the log pond, logs are submerged in water for an extended period so that they remain fresh until processing. Before the logs are cut and peeled, the bark is removed.



These de-barked logs are then taken for peeling using a rotary lathe. Once they've been peeled the resultant veneers are moved to be cut to size for the initial grading and drying.



The veneers are then dried to protect the wood from fungal decay and increase the mechanical properties of the finished board.



Veneers are then run through a gluing machine which spreads the glue on to the veneers for assembly in required size and thickness of the plywood.



Cold Pressing occurs after the glue has been applied to prepare the veneers for Hot Pressing. This works to flatten out the veneers and ensure the glue is distributed across the veneers evenly.



After cooling down, rough plywood is trimmed to required size after which sanding and selection to rule out defects takes place. The finished products are then branded and dispatched.