Various timbers used are carefully selected when standing to make sure most suitable wood is selected for slicing.The figures and structures in these veneers come from imperfections in the logs. While branching out logs can create beautiful figures like crotch, pommel, burls etc. There are many more subcategories which may be explored while browsing this section. This is a brilliant exhibit of nature’s work and exquisitely patterned for true connoisseur.

How Veneers Are Processed At Hunsply


Sheet Length

8’ and under
9’ to 12’ can be manufactured on request

Sheet Width

Standard 4’
Other widths can be manufactured on request

Sheet Matching

Book match, Slip match, Random match, Cross grain, Scrambled, Weaved.

Veneer Cuts

Veneers can be Rough cut, Smoked on request.

Veneer Overlaying

Pre-pressed on 3mm plywood of size 8’ x 4’.
On request, the veneers can be pressed on any available thickness of Plywood, MDF or Particle board

Veneer Leaf Thickness

Ranges from 0.25mm to 0.7mm depending on the species and the type of cut.
Custom thickness can be manufactured on request

Designer Sheets

Custom design veneer sheets can be manufactured. Customer will have to provide the drawings and veneer combination along with grain direction.
Minimum order quantities will apply.

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