Why Hunsply edge banding?

Choosing the right Decorative Edge Banding material is important although the edge band covers only small portion of the board, it has a significant impact on the overall appearance of the finished products (like; Doors & Furniture’s etc.,) As board surface designs become more elaborate and realistic, the edge band is also expected to be a matching companion in both texture and aesthetics. In addition, the uniform colours and quality provided by Veneered Edge Banding negates the risk of quality of various solid wood lipping. Edge Bandings in various widths & thickness can be used in small crevasse and can be bent to a large extent as required. The Edge banding produced by us can be processed by typical Edge Banding machines using press rollers to fit the band in place.

Add An edge to your design

Available in different colours, textures and finishes to match the furniture & doors.

Durable, flexible veneers that can curve around the edges of any shape and form.

Can be processed by typical edge banding machine using press rollers.

Different thickness and widths to meet varied requirements.

Edge banding applications

On Square Edge
On Half Round Edge
On Full Round Edge