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Plywood Decorative Plywood (Veneer) Flush Doors Armor Core Flexiply ( Flexible Plywood) Fleece Backed Veneer Edgebandings
The chief purpose in overlaying wood, first practiced by the ancients and later by artisans of the
18th and 19th centuries, is to produce a surface of beauty over a less aesthetic surface. Modern
hardwood plywood is a mixture of the aesthetic and the functional. A distinct characteristic of
hardwood plywood is its ability to be used to create beautiful decorative effects and at the same
time, be very useful – wall panels and furniture exemplify this characteristic. The inherent
property of veneer cutting is such that full-size sheets of valued woods (i.e. Mahogany, Cherry,
Walnut) can be obtained, whereas producing such sheets by other methods would be
either impossible or too costly.

                                            Plywood has many structural advantages. Wood is stronger along
                                            the grain than it is across the grain. By alternating the direction of
                                            the grain 90 degrees with each successive wood layer or ply, the
                                            strength properties are equalized. Pound for pound, plywood
                                             has been proven to be stronger than steel.

                                            A great variety of products in various sizes and shapes can be
                                             Manufactured. Because plywood can be bent or formed, there is
                                            a multitude of curved plywood possibilities. Chair backs and seats,
                                            domes, bowling alley channels, boat hulls and furniture parts are
                                            just a few of the curved plywood products.
Fig. Plywood Manufacturing Process
Types of Plywood
MR Grade Marine Grade BWR Grade
MR (Moisture Resistant) Grade Plywood
BWR(Boiled Water Resistant) Grade Plywood