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The Miracle Tree
Mellia dubia  “KAD BEVU”
Click here to Download literature on this tree and its economic importance
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Melia Dubia is the fastest growing tree and the wood
from this tree is used in Plywood Industry. 108 trees
can be planted in an acre (distance between trees - 20’ x 20’ )  that
fetch 6-7 lakhs after 15 years.

Hunsply   is   committed   to    save   and   improve
the  environment. It  has  moved  to  more  efficient  
plantation  based   sourcing  of wood.  This way the
Land   is    well    managed,  reforestation   happens
aggressively and protects the old  forests  for  future
generations.  It is also a pioneer for  the   cultivation   of   Melia  dubia    “Kadbevu”  (”Miracle  Tree”). This  tree  grows  in  10-12
years  time  period and can provide a much needed  forest  cover . It  also  helps   farmers  with  additional  returns. The  seeds  
act  as  a  bio   pesticide. The  plywood produced is of high international   standards.    In    short    its    robust    and    economical.
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