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MR Grade BWR Grade Marine Grade
Marine Grade Plywood
No Fungus, dampness or moisture ! These British Standard
Grade approved has suitable prescribed level of resistance
against water, moisture and micro organisms .
This ensures durability and longevity of the plywood.
It might be sighted that this ply
is indeed Life proof.
Standard Specifications
This British Standard applies to plywood made with untreated tropical hardwood veneers having a suitable prescribed level of resistance of fungal
attack with a bond of WBP glue quality between the plies. It does not need to be `British made material’.
Bonding in Marine Glue line:
Bonding meeting the test requirements of this British Standard and using an adhesive of the type which by systematic tests and by records in service of the
Product  over many years has been proved highly resistant to weather, micro-organisms, cold and boiling water, steam and dry heat.
Quality of Veneers:
Veneers may be rotary cut or sliced. The method of cutting is at the option of the manufacturer
unless it is specified by the purchaser at the time of ordering. Veneers shall be smoothly cut.
Face Veneers:
These shall present a solid surface, free from open defects. They shall be free from knots, other than sound pin knots, of which there shall be no more than 6 in any
area 30cm square (1 ft 2), and not more than an average of 2 per 30 cm square (1 ft 2) over the whole area of the board. The veneers shall be reasonably free from
irregular grain, due note being taken to the characteristics of the species being used. Isolated pinholes not along the plane of the veneers, and occasional closed splits
are permissible. Veneers showing compression failure shall be excluded. Occasional minor discolouration is permissible. There shall be not more than one edge joint
in any 30cm (1 ft. 2) width of the board, and the veneers shall, when jointed, be matched for color. There shall be no end joints.
Core Veneers:
The requirements for core veneers shall be the same as those for face veneers, with the following exceptions. Small splits are permitted, and there is no limitation on
the number of pin knots or edge joints. Discolouration is permissible, provided this is free from dote. Veneer’s need not be matched for color. There shall be no
end joints.
Limits of Manufacturing Defects in Plywood.
Defective Bonding Not Permitted
Pleats and overlaps Not permitted
Gaps in faces Not permitted. Occasional that gaps occur during manufacture may be repaired
by means of well-fitted veneer inserts bonded with a complying adhesive. In cores, In any edge
of board, not more than one gap, which shall be not wider than 0.5mm. Obviously the presence
of defects in cores can only be judged by the appearance of the edges.
Moisture Content
At the time of leaving the factory, finished boards shall have moisture content from 8 to 10%.
Boards will be sanded on both sides equally
Length & Width
The length of width of a board produced as a standard size shall not be less than the specified
size nor more than 6.3mm (0.25”) greater than the specified size.
The lengths of the diagonals of a board shall not differ by more than 0.25% of the length of the
Tolerances vary as follows.
4mm +.02/-0.60 6mm+.04/-0.65 9mm+.06/-0.75 12mm+.09/-0.82
15mm +.1 /- 0.90 18mm+.12/-0.98 22mm+.16/-1.08 25mm+1.80/- 1.16