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A door is a panel or barrier, usually hinged, sliding,or electronic, that is used to cover an opening in a wall or partition
going into a building or space. A door can be opened to give access and closed more or less securely. The term
door is also applied to the opening itself,more properly known as the doorway. When framed in wood for snug
fitting of a door, the doorway consists of two vertical jambs on either side, a lintel or head jamb at the top,
And perhaps a threshold at the bottom. When a door has more than one movable panel, one of the panels may be called a leaf.
Flush doors (many modern doors, including most interior doors):
Plywood Decorative Plywood (Veneer) Flush Doors Armor Core Flexiply ( Flexible Plywood) Fleece Backed Veneer Edgebandings