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ArmorCore panels combine the low weight and high strength advantages of veneer cored panels with the superior
flatness and higher density of MDF.

ArmorCore panels are stiffer, lighter and stronger than composition panels of comparable thickness, yet the MDF cross
bands match the best composition surface characteristics.

Improved Mach inability
ArmorCore has excellent machinability, so router cuts leave crisp, clean edges. Because only the surface is MDF,
the wear on machine tools is significantly Reduced.

Eliminates Telegraphing
The MDF Cross bands eliminate the telegraphing of core imperfections common to veneer cored panels. Overlaying
with low pressure laminates requires ArmorCore Plus.

Modulus of elasticity is 50% higher than particle board and 25% higher than MDF Panels.

Superior Surface
MDF cross bands give ArmorCore the surface hardness, superior density and uniform texture of a completely
composite panel.

Standard ArmorCore features five ply construction with MDF cross bands and is suitable for use with wood veneer or
high pressure laminate overlays. ArmorCore Plus is constructed with higher grade centre plies which are required
When overlaying with thin Veneers & Paper Laminates

Critical Tolerances
ArmorCore Standard or Plus can be manufactured to meet tolerances of +/- .005 in
nominal thickness above one-half inch.
Armor Core
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